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【ICAD  Perfume Foundation Certificate】Certificate Course


During the course, you will learn about perfume culture, history, and perfume appreciation techniques. Different fragrance raw materials can also be used to create unique and layered aromas. By creating scents with specific messages, various messages can be conveyed.

During the course, you can make [3 pieces] aromatherapy products, and you can also get a certificate issued by the association as a starting point for starting a business and starting a class.


Course content

  • ​Perfume Culture and History
  • Learn about various spices used in perfumery
  • Basic skills for appreciating perfume
  • Perfume concentration and fragrance charter (front, middle and base notes)
  • Understand the fragrance family classification
  • Fragrance expansion range and fragrance retention time
  • Learn 40 perfume ingredients
  • The message conveyed by perfume raw materials
  • How to make specific message aroma
  • Introduction and practice of aroma product production



  • Basic Works Perfume 10ml
  • Fragrance Diffuser Bottle 50ml
  • Graduation Perfume 30ml
  • The course fee includes all material fees, tuition fees, and notes

* For only +$1500, you can apply for a physical certificate issued by the Korean ICAD Association


Class location: San Po Kong, Mong Kok
Class time: 12:00-17:00/18:00-23:00
Number of course days: two days

[This page is for payment purposes only. Please contact customer service directly to inquire and reserve a class date. 】

Inquiries and reservation methods:

  • Click on the conversation window in the lower right corner of the webpage to start the conversation
  • whatsappCustomer service inquiry
  • Email to for inquiries


ICAD Perfume Foundation Certificate Certificate Course

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