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The confession candle seems to be unremarkable, but when it is lit for a normal time, the Secret Message quietly appears. Writing your own thoughts into confession candles is the best gift for relatives and friends to express your thoughts.


DIY kits make it easy to enjoy candle making at home.
Once you have all the materials and tools, you can start crafting right away.
A detailed instruction manual is included, so even beginners can easily get started.


Time required: 1 hr
Crafting difficulty (5 ★ is the hardest): ★

Each DIY Set can make [two] confession candles.


Material Package Contents
1. Soy wax x2
2. Aromatherapy Essential Oil x1
3. Candle wick x1
4. Butter Paper x2
5. Beaker x1
6. Small aluminum can x2
7. Marker x1
8. Snow stick x1
9. Simple manual x1

Tools to bring
1. Hot water
2. Thermometer
3. Pliers

Scent selection (choose one out of six)
1. Lavender
2. English Pears and Freesias
3. Sage and Sea Salt
4. Roses
5. Sandalwood
6. Ocean

* Institutions and companies are welcome to order in large quantities (more than 20 boxes), and can be negotiated separately.

【DIY KIT】Message Candle

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