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DIY kits make it easy to enjoy handcrafting at home.
Once you have all the materials and tools, you can start crafting right away.


Time required: 30 hours
Crafting difficulty (5 ★ is the hardest): ★ 


Material Package Contents

1. Uncolored Diffuser Bear x2 (one yellow and one white) 

2. 12-color paint tray x1

3. Brush x2

4. Essential oil 5ml x1


* There may be some small bubbles on the surface of the finished product, which are the ventilation holes of the diffuser, which is normal.


Scent selection (choose one out of six)
1. Lavender
2. English Pears and Freesias
3. Sage and Sea Salt
4. Roses
5. Sandalwood
6. Ocean

* Institutions and companies are welcome to order in large quantities (more than 20 boxes), and can be negotiated separately.


【Tips for Diffuser Stone】
* The diffuser stone diffuses fragrance and absorbs moisture through small ventilation holes on the surface. It is suitable for use in small spaces or confined spaces, and the fragrance diffuser function is weak in an open environment.
*You can drop essential oil or perfume on the back of the diffuser stone, which is less likely to affect the appearance.
* Do not drop the diffuser stone or avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, or it may affect the service life.

【DIY KIT】Painted Bear Diffuser

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