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Cinnamon candles are candles made from soy wax, dried flowers and natural cinnamon sticks.
It exudes a light cinnamon aroma and makes a beautiful decoration whether lit or placed on the table.
The cinnamon scent has a warmer and festive feel, making it suitable for use in autumn and winter.



Candle size (length x width x height): 7 x 7 x 8cm
Total weight: 180g
Burning time: 36 hours




Instructions for using candles:
1. When lighting candles, please use them with a wax dish to prevent wax liquid from flowing out.
2. When the candle is burning, remove the dried flowers near the fire source.
3. Use a melted wax lamp instead of a flame to light the candle. In addition to extending the burning time of the candle, you can also keep the dried flowers for decoration.
4. It is recommended that the candle burning time be no more than two hours.



Candle ingredients:
- 100% natural soy wax

Made of natural wax materials from the United States and South Korea, it contains no harmful substances and can be used by pregnant women, young children, and pets with confidence.


This product is hand-made and may not provide the exact same colors or floral arrangements.

cinnamon candle

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