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【Create your own fragrance through fragrance. 】

The first impression created by smell is the longest memory stored in the brain. Create your own scent and leave the most profound first impression. The studio has more than 80 kinds of perfume raw materials to choose from, and can prepare various fragrances. Under the guidance of an instructor, create your own perfume step by step.


Course content:

1. Introduce the classification of fragrances

2. Introduction to perfume concentration ratio

3. Experience more than 80 kinds of perfume raw materials

4. Hand-made perfume making


Finished product: 30ml hand-made perfume

Time: about 2 hours

Class location: San Po Kong


* You can also make 100g soy wax candles of the same fragrance for an additional $150


[This page is for payment purposes only. Please contact customer service directly to inquire and reserve a class date. 】

Inquiries and reservation methods:

  • Click on the conversation window in the lower right corner of the webpage to start the conversation
  • whatsappCustomer service inquiry
  • Email to for inquiries

【Workshop】Hand-made perfume

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