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Plaster design creator, a Korean plaster creative design certificate course, was founded by Korean studio J.siscandle. In just one day, you can learn a variety of creative plaster techniques, which can be used in a wide range of styles and can be used in different styles.


Course content

  • Terrazo terrazzo design techniques
  • Terrazo letter inlay technique
  • BlingBling shiny design techniques
  • Bling Bling marble pattern technique
  • Pattern pattern design techniques


extra gift

  • plaster ornaments
  • Terrazzo jewelry box


A variety of series of techniques can be learned in the class, and students took away a total of 7 works.

An electronic certificate will be issued upon completion of the course

Each of the three technique series can be set up as a single workshop


Extra after-school assistance

  • Small class teaching to ensure that each student can keep up with the progress
  • The instructor provides the venue, materials, tools and detailed notes
  • Proofread students' portfolios and assist with license application procedures
  • Provide information and tips for purchasing Korean materials
  • Purchasing raw materials and tools
  • Rent a studio for practice at a discounted price


Course fees include all material fees, tuition fees, and certificate fees
Class location: San Po Kong
Class time: 12:00-17:00
Number of course days: one day


[This page is for payment purposes only. Please contact customer service directly to inquire and reserve a class date. 】

Inquiries and reservation methods:

  • Click on the conversation window in the lower right corner of the webpage to start the conversation
  • whatsappCustomer service inquiry
  • Email to for inquiries

J.SIS Plaster Creative Design Course

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