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[DREAM] is Peaceful Candles' brand new scented candle series. The entire fragrance is blended by us personally. It is a unique fragrance scent.


【DREAM】As if you are in a log cabin in the forest, the fresh green leaf aroma combined with the earthy agarwood creates a warm and homey feeling.


Agarwood has a rich and calm aroma, which can help soothe your mood and improve sleep quality. It is very suitable for use in the bedroom. Light [DREAM] before going to bed to promote sleep, especially suitable for people with insomnia.


You can keep the candle cup after you use up the candle. Leave your candle cup to us and enjoy a 30% discount on candle refills. In addition to enjoying the joy brought by candles, you can also reduce waste.


Fragrance: Woody

Size: 7 x 7 cm (diameter x height)

Capacity: 150g

Burning time: about 30 hours



Candle ingredients:
- 100% natural soy wax
- 100% IFRA certified essential oils

Made of natural wax materials from the United States and South Korea, it contains no harmful substances and can be used by pregnant women, young children, and pets with confidence.
All essential oils comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certification standards and can be used with confidence.

【DREAM】Fragrance candle series-soy wax scented candle

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