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The new CLAB candle series subverts the traditional candle making method and creates formula wax that will not solidify. Candles that can be squeezed out at any time, and pudding candle series that can be easily scooped out with a small spoon. They are all exciting and exciting candle works one after another.


Course Highlights

  • Creates cream wax that maintains softness for a long time
  • Make full use of the skills in the course to create different creations
  • Precise color matching using a variety of pigments


Course content

  • Juicy Candle (ready to squeeze out and use)
  •  Classic Tiramisu candle
  • Cute cartoon/animal shaped candles
  • Latte art candle
  • Inner Deco Icing Candle
  • Italian ice cream candle (can be dug out at any time)
  • Various candle decoration tutorials (recipes for fruit seeds, powdered sugar, chocolate, biscuits, etc.)

With just one day of class, you can take away a total of [6 types of] dessert creations


Course fees include all material fees, tuition fees, and certificate fees
Class location: San Po Kong

Class time: 12:00-17:00

Number of course days: one day


[This page is for payment purposes only. Please contact customer service directly to inquire and reserve a class date. 】

Inquiries and reservation methods:

  • Click on the conversation window in the lower right corner of the webpage to start the conversation
  • whatsappCustomer service inquiry
  • Email to for inquiries


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