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Macaron scented candles use natural soy wax with different aroma scents, which are simple and practical choices. Lighting candles during meditation, bathing, dating, or any special day is a favorite way to set the mood.


The macaron scented candles are exquisite and lovely, and can be made with wedding theme colors, which are very suitable as wedding gifts, gifts, etc.

* If you order in large quantities (more than 40 pieces), you can enjoy preferential prices, please contact customer service for details.


Color and fragrance options:

Pink: English Pear & Freesia English Pear & Freesia

Green: White Jasmine & Mint White Jasmine & Mint 

Blue: Bluebell

Purple: French Lavender French Lavender


Candle size (diameter x height): 5 x 3.5cm
Total weight: 40g 


Candle usage guidelines:
1. When lighting candles, do not touch the container jar as the vessel will transfer heat.
2. Use a melting wax lamp instead of a flame to light the candle, which can prolong the burning time of the candle.
3. It is recommended that the candle burn for no more than two hours.


Candle Ingredients:
- 100% Natural Soy Wax
- 100% IFRA certified compound essential oil

Made of natural wax materials from the United States and South Korea, there are absolutely no harmful substances, and pregnant women, children, and pets can also use it with peace of mind.
Essential oils are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified and can be used with confidence.


Macaron scented candle

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