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Using long matches to light candles can not only add a sense of ritual to life, but also greatly enhance the atmosphere. The elongated candle design also helps to light candles of different capacities, so that the entire candle can be completely lit.


* For bulk orderers, custom candle labels are available. Welcome to custom brand, wedding gift.


🌟 Match length: 10cm
Quantity: 20
Material: Poplar, Gunpowder

🌟 Notes on use:


1. A match can only be used once.
2. After the match is lit, please hold it horizontally to slow down the burning speed of the match.
3. After lighting the candle, you can use a match to dip the wick in the wax liquid to extinguish the candle. (Please remember to lift the wax core up again for the next time use)
4. When the match is used, smoke and gunpowder smell will be produced. If you are sensitive to the smell of gunpowder, please pay attention to ventilation.
5. Matches are made of wood, and their material is easily affected by rainy or wet weather, making the matches unusable. Just take a blow dryer to remove the moisture and you can use it again.
6. Please pay attention to safety when using, keep away from children and the elderly.

long matches for candles

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