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【Lucky Cat Diffuser Stone】

Lucky cat has the meaning of attracting fortune and good fortune, and Bodhidharma is another mascot that brings luck.
Bodhidharma's eyebrows represent cranes and beards represent turtles, all of which mean longevity.

You can even add essential oils or perfumes to the diffuser stone to give the lucky cat a burst of fragrance.


[Lucky Cat Diffuser Stone] is handcrafted by all hands, from pouring, polishing to coloring, the shop owner carefully crafts each product, and each product is unique.
In addition to drawing cute cat shapes, it is also equipped with different colors of Dharma, representing different meanings, and it is very suitable to be placed at home and in shops as lucky decorations.

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Dharma color meaning

Red: good luck and fortune
Yellow: money luck
Pink: love luck, marriage luck

Dimensions: 11x9x13 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: about 700g


【Tips for Diffuser Stone】

*There may be some small bubbles on the surface of the finished product, which are the ventilation holes of the diffuser stone, which is normal.
* The diffuser stone diffuses fragrance and absorbs moisture through small ventilation holes on the surface. It is suitable for use in small spaces or confined spaces, and the fragrance diffuser function is weak in an open environment.
*You can drop essential oil or perfume on the bottom of the diffuser stone, which is less likely to affect the appearance.
* Do not drop the diffuser stone or avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, or it may affect the service life.

Lucky Cat Diffuser Stone

HK$399.00 Regular Price
HK$259.00Sale Price
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