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Use wax materials of different colors to create a dreamy nebula effect on the outer layer of the candle.
Students can choose different aroma scents and make unique scented candles.
People's names or blessing messages can be customized on the cup, making the candle cup a unique candle creation.

* Customized candle cups need to be booked at least two days in advance, and the customization content must be informed in advance.
* You can write customized content in the remarks.

Course content:
1. Learn wax material properties and temperature control
2. Candle Tool Application
3. Candle color mixing skills
4. Candle making
5. Precautions when using candles

Finished product: Candle x1
Time: about 2 hours

Class location: San Po Kong


[This page is for payment purposes only. Please contact customer service directly to inquire and reserve a class date. 】

Inquiries and reservation methods:

  • Click on the conversation window in the lower right corner of the webpage to start the conversation
  • whatsapp customer service inquiry
  • Email to for inquiries

【Workshop】Nebula Candle

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