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A wedding can be held smoothly, and the great help and support of all the brothers and sisters is indispensable. As a bride and groom, of course, you should thank your friends. Peaceful Candles provides you with a personalized aromatherapy gift box SET, allowing you to easily find a thoughtful and textured gift.


*Provide personalized upgrade service, +$20 per box can add exclusive English name on candle cup, Mono Red towel, wine bottle


【Brother Gift】SET C Content


  • Scented candle cup 150g x1
  • Vintage Wine Bottle (10 x 10cm)  x1
  • Stainless steel funnel  x1
  • Stainless steel wine glass  x1
  • Candle Match Set  x1
  • Heart Card  x1


【Brother Gift】SET D Content


  • Scented candle cup 150g x1
  • EDP perfume 30ml  x1
  • Mono Red Premium Cotton Towel  x1
  • Candle Match Set  x1
  • Heart Card  x1

*  All gift boxes are packed in beautiful wooden boxes, the stickers on the boxes are preset as Groomsmen

* This is an ordered product and it will take one month to ship. For urgent orders, please Whatsapp / Email us for inquiries first.

* Order more than 6 boxes of brother/sister gift box at one time, you can enjoy preferential price, please contact customer service for inquiries.



Candle/  Perfume flavor options:


1. English Pear & Freesia English Pear + Freesia

2. French Lavender French Lavender

3. White Jasmine & Mint White Jasmine & Mint

4. Rose rose

5. Bluebell

6. Wood Sage & Sea Salt

[Brother Gift] Aromatherapy Gift Box SET

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