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The dried flower candle holder is made of paraffin wax and decorated with dried flowers. The candle holder has a light-transmitting texture and can be used with scented tea wax to instantly add atmosphere to a room.


*Add $20 to purchase LED lamp socket

* Can customize the color of the candle holder, LED wooden lamp holder and words (additional charge), please contact customer service for details.

Dry flower candle holders are available in a variety of ways:
1. Use with Aromatherapy Tea Wax
2. Use with LED sockets
3. As a dry flower pen holder
4. As a small object storage box


Dry Flower Candle Holder Set Include: Candle Holder x1 + Aroma Tea Wax x4

Candle Holder Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm

Candle usage guidelines:
1. When used with tea wax, the continuous use time should not exceed 45 minutes.

2.  can be used with additional LED lamp holder


Fragrance options:

Pink: Rose+Peony rose+peony

Purple: Bluebell Bluebell

Candle Ingredients:

100% Paraffin

dry flower candle holder combination

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